We were excited to host a photo shoot featuring the stunning jewelry of Elva Fields' spring collection. And now we're absolutely thrilled to see the results. What beautiful photos, beautiful jewels, and beautiful models. Some of the models are over 100 years old! (And I'm not talking about those lovely ladies). Click here to see for yourself.

Our dear friend Emily Wheat Maynard is the head and the heart behind Elva Fields. She and our own Lori Thompson Finke have a friendship going back to early childhood. Perhaps it is this close link that has led them on similar paths. Emily unearths precious and unusual objects, brooches, clasps, and chains from the past to incorporate into stylish and distinctively modern necklaces. Lori covers the globe to discover unique gems of the furnishing variety. Using her background in interior design, she seamlessly weaves these pieces of bygone centuries into thoroughly 21st Century settings. While each of these successful women could be considered jewels in their separate fields of the decorative arts, what they strive to do is not all that different.

So congratulations to Emily and support Elva Fields!

Many thanks to Jessie Kriech-Higdon for shooting the wonderful photographs.

March 07, 2012 by Mark Finke