Return to Sender

Think back to May 2019. It seems a lifetime ago, but I think more than a few of us would love to time-warp back to that moment. No one had ever heard of COVID-19. News outlets were cooing over the birth of Prince Archie. In our trade, the antique show circuit was rolling along as always. In preparation for the Merchandise Mart show in Chicago, we were mailing tickets to our clients in the area. Well, fast forward to the present. We were reminded of that simpler time and all the water that has passed under the bridge since when we receive the letter pictured above in our mailbox.



Check out that postmark! May 2019! This letter was just returned to us after 14 months in postal purgatory! We must apologize to the intended recipient who never received their complimentary ticket to the show. You missed a beautiful event.


We must say we love the USPS. The typical service provided is remarkable value. However, at times, it can be just a little too easy to poke a little fun. The imagination runs wild trying to picture what this poor little letter must have gone through over the past year.


We hope all our clients and colleagues are staying safe and healthy out there. Until we meet again....



July 21, 2020 by Mark Finke