Make Me a Meme

This series of cabinet cards from the late 19th Century seems to have a very modern sensibility about them. The images depict the progression of a night on the town with the fellas, and some of them feel like social media selfies in black and white. Take the image shown above, for instance. The silliness of the pose creates a dissonance with the formal attire and conventional backdrop. This guy is screaming to be made into a meme, much like Joseph Ducreaux's Self-portrait of the artist in the guise of a mocker. One example of how the modern meme-maker handles Ducreux is this:

But a simple Google search will turn up tons more (some safer for work than others). I think our teetotaler in the top hat is also ripe to become an internet celebrity at least a century after his time. Feel free to dive in, edit, and share away.


But seriously, we think a little bit of humor is essential in any living space. We always try to bring a little mood lightener to any show booth or interior that we have a hand in. And while Ducreux is secured away in the Louvre, our gent having a good time in these photos is available to bring a little whimsy to your home.


June 18, 2019 by Mark Finke