Noticing a (Color) Pattern

The Monday morning mail run was never so exciting. Awaiting us in the post box this morning were two separate design magazines extolling the virtue of COLOR (!!!) on their covers. The return of color has been a growing theme over the past couple years. However, we at Jayne Thompson's have never discriminated. We've always embraced colors across the spectrum and will continue to do so whether it's trendy or not.


Cases in point:


The green fabric walls we employed for our St. Patty's day booth in Charleston this weekend:



Two-tone contrasting walls at last year's San Francisco Fall Antiques Show:


Color, color, and more color for a recent design job at The Still at AMBRAbev:


Lori incorporated lots of blue and green into this recent residential design project:


An 18th Century mahogany wing chair upholstered in a Lee Jofa block-printed floral linen:


Some more colorful upholstery:


Incorporating the flower photography of Paul Lange brings strong focal points of color to the walls:


Using Oriental carpets to bring color to the floor:



And don't forget the ceramics:


March 18, 2019 by Mark Finke