Heading up the East Coast

We are heading up the east coast to exhibit at the Newport Antiques Show (July 26th-28th) and the Nantucket August Antiques Show (August 1st-5th).   We pride ourselves on providing exceptional antiques backed by exceptional service.  By providing quality product and service, we have built up a loyal clientele across the country.  In order to serve you better, please contact our office to let us know which pieces you might be looking for.  We are happy to tailor our stand to the specific needs of our clients, and we currently have some really interesting and unusual pieces.


Please visit our website www.jaynethompsonantiques.com for a sampling of our inventory. You may also reach our office at 859.748.5628.  We hope to see you at the show!

July 18, 2013 by Lori Finke
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Summer Update

 It has been brought to our attention that a blog is meant to be updated periodically. Apologies for being out of touch, but perhaps if you saw us in Chicago, New York, or Grosse Pointe, you may realize we've been busy. So here's a brief rundown of what we've been up to over the past couple months:


We began in Chicago the last week of April. The Merchandise Mart asembled one of their largest listings of dealers yet. There were many familiar names as well as some very good new faces.

From Chicago, it was direct to New York the following week for the AADLA Spring Show at the Park Avenue Armory. In keeping with the "Spring" theme, bright booth colors were the order of the day.

Of course, being the first weekend in May, we were forced to answer repeated questions pertaining to why we were in New York instead of at the Kentucky Derby. In spite of missing the Derby, the show did prove worthwhile. Only in its second year, an interesting array of art and antiques were on offer and the attendance was increased from the inaugural year.

There were a few weeks of respite before our most recent show in Grosse Pointe.

It was a big weekend in Detroit. The Yankees and Red Hot Chili Peppers were in town. The Detroit Grand Prix was taking place for the first time since 2008. And, not least, the antique show was happening.

Stay tuned for upcoming adventures in Newport and Nantucket....

Happy Valentine's Day!


If you're looking for something very special for that very special someone, then you're in luck. We're happy to offer these His and Hers oyster-veneered chests complete with inlaid hearts on the tops.

It is difficult enough to find a single example of these 17th Century gems, especially in such a significant size. So we were certainly thrilled to come across a pair. Further adding to their rarity is the maker's label which is found inside one of the drawers:

Hugh Granger was a London maker operating at the "Carved Angell" at the end of the 17th Century. Examples of his work may be found in Christopher Gilbert's Pictorial Dictionary of Marked London Furniture Makers, 1700-1840.

February 14, 2012 by Mark Finke
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Today's Woman Writes Up Lori Thompson Finke

Check out February's edition of Today's Woman for a very nice article on the multi-talented and beautiful Lori Thompson Finke.  The article focuses on Lori's skills as a lighting designer. The benefits of expert lighting design are too often overlooked and can make the difference between an ordinary space and a spectacular one. In addition to her talents in the field of lighting, Lori is also an interior designer, an antique dealer, and a terrific mom. If you're interested in utilizing her in any of these capacities (aside from mothering--she already has her hands full there), give us a call.

February 02, 2012 by Mark Finke

A Coffee Table for a Casual Setting


Thank you to Bunny Williams and House Beautiful for the mention in February's issue. Bunny's work continues to inspire us to see new ways to incorporate antiques and other interesting objects into homes that are comfortable, interesting, and fun. One of our 19th Century Indian low tables makes the perfect coffee table in an East Hampton barn which Bunny transforms into "a cozy English country house" as described and pictured in Work a Room. We've sold a number of these tables over the years and currently have three in stock. They solve that hard-to-crack problem of what to use for a coffee table in a casual setting. We've placed these tables in beach homes, mountain getaways, and English country houses. Made of very dense acacia wood and raised on very thick turned legs, these tables are strong enough to dance on (if you're so inclined). The beautiful timber and use of iron details, including massive nails, lends a rustic charm to these very useful tables.


One of three acacia wood low tables currently in stock. Rajasthan, circa 1880: